Surprisingly, listening to an acoustic version of “Die Young” didn’t make my ears bleed or cause me to suffer from any other form of torture, resulting me to ‘die young’. Dare I say, but I’m kinda in love with it. Truth be told, the regular version has grown on me too, along with a few other dance remixes. Even the 25-year-old’s music video for it, impressed me. What’s going on here? Am I slowly falling back in love with the “Tik Tok” sing talker.

The stripped-down version of “Die Young” is off her EP Deconstructed. It’ll also feature acoustic version of her songs “Old Flames” “Blow” “Harold Song” and “Supernatural”. If you like the version, you’ll have to purchase the fan edition of her new album Warrior which hits the streets on December 4. You can purchase the 2-disc pack on her official store now!

Ke$ha ‘Die Young’ Acoustic Cover

Thoughts on Ke$ha’s acoustic cover? Glad to hear another side of the sing talker? Are you going to purchase her new album? Sound off below.