Keri Hilson is one of those artists I can either live without or can’t get enough of. When she first came onto the scene as a guest vocalist for Timbaland’s hit “The Way I Are“, I thought this girl is the shizz. Then she released her first solo effort “Energy” and quickly lost my love for her. A lot of people I know love that track, but I hate it. She quickly turned me around though, when she put out one of my favorite tracks from 2009, “Knock You Down“, a duet with Ne-Yo.

On November 30, 2010, Keri is releasing her sophomore album “No Boys Allowed“. Her lead-off single “Breaking Point” has barely made a dent on the R&B charts. Hopefully her newly released music video for that track will give it some life. For me though, I’d just write “Breaking Point” off. The Lauryn Hill-sounding track isn’t bad, but her second single “Pretty Girl Rock” is off the chains. The track can potentially be a huge hit for Hilson. Loving Salt-n-Pepa 80s inspired curly blond locks on the cover. Ferosh.

She premiered the track at last week’s “Beats by Dr. Dre” event in NYC. The amazing Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony produced the track. It’s an accessible uptempo radio-friendly song that can appeal to a wide range of music fans. Hopefully Hilson can finally score a hit on her own without having to rely on additional vocals from Ne-Yo on “Knock You Down” or with Timbaland on “The Way I Are”. Check out the track below and judge for yourself.