Not only is Denver Nuggets NBC basketball player Kenneth Faried on the court in the world of basketball, he’s also on the court in the quest for marriage equality. A few days ago, he uploaded a video where he’s sitting in between his mothers, Waudda and Carol and he explains what it’s like having two mothers and why he believes in equality for the LGBT community.

I support civil union, because it gives people — gays and lesbians — the right to make decisions on their own,” he says in the video. “If they want to get married and let them choose who they want to be with.” He adds, “Nobody can ever tell me I can’t have two mothers, because I really do.”

Watch the touching video below. His mothers must be so proud of him and appreciative of the message he’s sending out. The more people continue to speak out like this and share their stories, the greater the chance for change and increased equality.

NBA Star Kenneth Faried ‘No One Can Tell Me I Can’t Have Two Mothers’