If you can’t beat them, join them. After revealing she was jealous of Beyonce’s post Destiny’s Child success, Kelly Rowland enlists Bey on a new track from her upcoming album. In case you’re wondering, Kelly also asked Michelle Williams to drop a couple of notes as well. Asking her to do more than that, would’ve probably shocked even Michelle herself 😉 Girl, can never get a break.

Kelly begins “You’ve Changed” by asking if the ladies want to do it again. Clearly, they are 😉 This mid-tempo early 2000s-sounding track is the latest we’ve heard from Talk A Good Game which hits stores June 18. Based on the few tracks we’ve heard, the album is shaping up to be a solid effort from the 32-year-old R&B singer. I wonder if she’ll released this DC reunion as an official single and film a music video for it. Probably not, IMHO. Hell, they couldn’t even be together to record the track.

“We were actually in three separate places when we did this song,” Kellytold Blis FM. “I got messages from one of them back to back like, ‘oh my god, we sound so great together!’”

What do you think of their collaboration? Does it remind you of Destiny’s Child “Girl” a tiny bit? Are you looking forward to checking out Kelly’s new album? Sound off below.