Why Isn’t Kelly Rowland As Big As Beyonce?

When Kelly Rowland released her fourth track today from her upcoming album, “Kelly Rowland“, it got me thinking. Why isn’t she as successful as Beyonce? Both are very pretty, talented but for some reason or another Rowland is missing that elusive “IT”. Personally, as much as I enjoy Queen B’s music, Kelly has been my favorite DC member.

Forever And A Day” is the second official international single from her forthcoming album, and fourth track released overall. As much of a gay following “Commander” had, it never really appealed to the masses and crossed over. Hopefully this new track will do what “Commander” was supposed to do.

The Sam Watters and Andre Merritt penned track was produced by David Guetta and Jonas. It’s in the vein of previous Rowland/Guetta collaborations, but a bit more lyrically meaningful. It’s a heartfelt dance ballad, if that even exists. While this new track is hitting UK radio stations, Kelly is hard at work promoting “Rose Colored Glasses” stateside. She recently filmed a 3D *groan* music video for the song.

For her third studio album, Kelly isn’t taking any chances at succeeding. She’s releasing two versions of her album in October. The international release will take on a more dance-based sound, similar to “Commander” and “Forever and a Day”, while the domestic version will follow more of a urban-pop vibe.


What did you think of the new track? It’s not as hard as “Commander“, but I love it. The more I listen to it, the catchier it gets. Rowland’s voice really soars during the chorus. Girlfriend is definitely giving it all that she’s got.

So why do you think Kelly hasn’t blown up as big as Madame Knowles? Is it the less fabulous hair? Is it she’s doesn’t have the high-power hip-hop boyfriend (Jay-Z)? Is it Beyonces’ booty? I really hope Kelly takes off. It’s her time to be front and center and stop acting like a warm-up act for B.

  • Kelly has done some great collaborations specially with David Guetta which proved to be her greatest mainstream hits.

    Unfortunately though, the quality of her voice is no where near Beyoncé’s. If you listen to hear singing live you can really tell the difference.

    Trust me, I love Kelly too and I want her to be just as big as B but she’s gotta put her back into it. Belt out those notes as fierce as B and dance as well as her too. If you look at the Commander video, she barely dances in it. I was hoping she would be all freaky specially for a dance video like that but it was a disappointment.

  • love kelly

    kelly is also good or better than rihanna, but she needs a good stage director and coreographer , he voice is better than beyonce

  • Francis

    I like Kelly’s songs, but it’s pretty clear why her albums haven’t been as big. They simply didn’t have the hit sound. Beyonce hit it big because she aligned herself with Rich Harrison who wrapped Washington Go Go music into hiphop. No one else was doing that sound (Other than the actual bands that were performing Go Go live…) The Radio and MTV watching public was ready to hear it presented so well.

    Beyonce’s latest Albums have been a mixed bag. If anything Kelly’s present work is better than Beyonce’s. Perhaps now is her time/turn to get the spotlight.

  • Adrian

    As you said, I think she doesn’t exactly have that “IT” factor — it doesn’t help that Beyonce has been pushed in the limelight since the very beginning. I’ve always been more fond of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — to me, they’re better singers. If you listen to Beyonce’s voice, it doesn’t have that depth and substance that the other two have. But since she was always the most famous one from DC, she’s bootylicious, her tunes are more catchy and she’s a powerhouse perfomer (notice that I said “perfomer” !), it’s only natural that she’s the most successful.

    I think Kelly’s done well for herself — her success has always been bigger outside of the US, and she doesn’t need to be as big as B, in my opinion. Though I would like some more recognition for her… I think she should “bring it” musically with the new album, especially that now she’s with a new label and management, hopefully things will work out for her.