Kelly Rowland’s Hot New Dance Track “What A Feeling”

For the past two years, Kelly Rowland has collaborated with David Guetta on two club banger songs, both of which became huge summer anthems- at least for the gays it did. In 2009, it was “When Love Takes Over” and last year it was “Commander“. With summer on the horizon, my favorite ex-Destiny’s Child member is hoping to make it a three-peat, with a brand new hot dance track. This time, however, she’s working with Italian DJ Alex Gaudino instead of her frequent collaborator, Frenchman Guetta.

What A Feeling” is an upbeat energetic track, ready to the take clubs by storm. Kelly, IMHO, sounds great on the song and it has the potential to be another dance hit for her. The beat has a retro dance vibe going on, making it perfectly ripe for another DJ to remix the shizz out of it. With Kelly Rowland slowing it down recently with her two most recent tracks- a duet with Nelly, “Gone“, and her new single, “Motivation“. The latter for which she just filmed a music video for. It’s nice to see Rowland hasn’t forgotten her inner disco dance diva. It wouldn’t be a summer without Kelly blasting at a Pride celebration. Give “What A Feeling” a listen below.

Alex Guadino feat. Kelly Rowland “What A Feeling”

Thoughts??? Does Kelly have another underrated club hit on her hand? Post away.

  • Tyrell

    This song is gonna blow up over the summer. I like the change from Guetta’s heavy bass. This song is a little lighter than what she has released previously. Love it.

  • Defiantly digging this tune!

  • I LOVE this song!! 🙂 Yay for summer track!

  • GREAT track! Excited this year for Kelly!

  • Rob

    I think we should just forget about groundhog day and simply declare it the beginning of summer when K.Row puts out an amazing anthem. I cannot stop listening to this song, AND I wore capris today because it’s officially summatime!!

  • Daryl…

    Have u heard her new leak???

    I’m that chick… SO HOT!!

  • jeff

    this song is freaken awesome! another great track featuring the amazing kelly rowland. =)