Kelly Rowland’s “Lay It On Me” Video Features Shirtless Men & An Elephant

After watching this music video, it’s no wonder that Kelly Rowland is slowly creeping up on her Destiny’s Child sister and selling more records and topping more charts. First off, Lay It On Me is definitely one of my favorite tracks on Kelly’s disc, Here I Am and the video matches the sensual vibe of the song perfectly.

Kelly teamed up with Sarah Chetfield once again who directed her steamy video for Motivation and the club track Forever And A Day. Behind the sensual bumping and grinding of Kelly and the shirtless men is Frank Gatson Jr..

In the video, Kelly makes a slinky look sexy in the opening scenes while rapper Big Sean spits a verse before we head into the Kelly’s big vocals. Notably, the men in this video are hot hot hot and Kelly gets to handle every single one of them. Jealous. However, Kelly’s more notable co-star is Susie, The Elephant who makes a couple cameos throughout the clip. Overall, I love the video and I think you will too. Check it out below.


It was also announced that Kelly and Sarah would be filming this video along with Down For Whatever back-to-back. I too love that track and cannot wait to see what’s in store for that video. Lay your comments on the Kelly video below.

  • I’m still a big-time lover of her collab w/ David Guetta “When Love Takes Over”. And an even bigger fan of “Commander”.