Poor Kelly Rowland. Despite great reviews, tons of promotion, and disclosing personal details, Talk A Good Game is only projected to move around 60-70K in its first week of release. Must be getting colder by the minute standing in Bey’s shadow. Girl needs a down-filled parka stat.

Love Kelly, but she missed the mark by not releasing a music video for “Dirty Laundry” sooner. All the leaked tracks and live performances were great, but a visual to go along with her much buzzed about track about past relationship abuse and jealousy about Beyonce’s success would’ve done wonders to build more anticipation for her album.

Perhaps she couldn’t think of a solid concept for the clip and that’s what delayed the premiere. Check out a short 30-second teaser below which seems to channel those melodramatic R&B clips from yesteryear. Rowland shows off her acting chops while getting doused with red wine.

Dirty Laundry [Teaser, Part 1] – Kelly Rowland

Why do you think Kelly’s latest album isn’t moving more copies? Do you think she missed the mark by not releasing this music video sooner? Personally, I hope she drops the Joni Mitchell-sampled track next. Definitely one of the best on her new album. Sound off below.