Kelly Rowland: “Commander” Music Video

It’s Kelly vs Kelly in her lastest music video “Commander“. So who wins? Watch the music video below to find out. The Kelly Rowland/David Guetta collaboration has yielded another summer hit. Ever since, the track was leaked, it’s been on heavy rotation at gay clubs all across the land. The Masashi Muto directed music vid features an extremely sexy Kelly strutting all over the place- complete with ass cheeks.

Certain portions of the video remind me a bit of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” era, but sexier, thanks to Fatima Robinson’s wicked choreography. Kelly even stated “”I had to pull out my dancing shoes” when prepping for the video shoot. Robinson has worked on the dance flick “Honey” and with numerous music industry heavy hitters like Mary J. Blige, Black Eyed Peas to name a few.

I’m so happy Kelly Rowland has remained in the electropop/dance vibe. I love all her dance releases like “Work” and “When Love Takes Over” waaaaaaay better than “Stole” Kelly was always my favorite Destiny Child member, and I hope she finally breaks free from Beyonce’s shadow. I love B too, but Rowland has been underrated for far too long. Check out the hot video and even hotter Kelly after the jump.

What did you think of the music video?

  • OK, I fucking LOVE this track. it is my fave song of this summer so far no question. The video is good. She looks amazing, it reminds me a lot of lose my breath when the DC3 wer dance fightin the other DC3.

    But herein lies why Beyonce is a uber mega star, and Kelly is just a star. She needs to be FIERCER with her dancing. it was simple and slow which is fine it still looks dope, but there should’ve been some fucking STOMPING for this track.

    She’s getting there though, sister shoudl stick to this electro pop dance stuff. She should stay here and build her fanbase. She will get there i have somplete faith!

  • Jared

    I agree, whoever did styling and wardrobe did an amazing job. The lack of deep choreo by kelly was a bit of a turnoff lol.

  • Marc

    This is hot shit!
    love it!

  • Kip

    One word: Amazeballs!