In the battle of returning beloved veteran sitcom actors, Robin WilliamsCrazy Ones handily beat Michael J. Fox’s NBC sitcom, 15.6 million versus 7.3 million. Perhaps, a reason for the slaughter was the special guest appearance by Kelly Clarkson. The original American Idol winner fit right in with the talented cast. She’s definitely come a long way since her movie debut, From Justin To Kelly.

In the series premiere, Clarkson plays a heightened version of herself and is approached to sing a jingle for a McDonalds commercial. She only agrees to it as long as they sex it up. Kelly wants a sexy image makeover. Lucky girl gets to bump and grind with hunky James Wolk as they sing the praises of hamburgers. It’s not the meat, but rather the motion, she wails. Best line of the clip is when Sarah Michelle Gellar horrifyingly exclaims that she’s about to see America’s sweetheart orgasm.

I have to say, I enjoyed Crazy Ones much more than I thought I would. I had no intention of sampling it until I saw Clarkson was on board. Within seconds I was hooked, I’m sure in part to David E. Kelly’s writing. After all, he was the man behind Ally McBeal and Private Practice. Check out Clarkson’s guest appearance below.

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