First Listen: Kelly Clarkson’s “Tell Me A Lie”

Back in February, Kelly Clarkson let her fans know on her official Facebook page that her new album was nearing completion. I have to say, I was pretty excited. I have always been a Kelly Clarkson fan. I followed her from her early days on Idol to her debut movie From Justin To Kelly. Her first two albums were bang on hits and then, her album My December didn’t quite hit the mark. Her follow up All I Ever Wanted brought us back to the Kelly Clarkson we know and love. So what will Kelly’s latest album bring to the table?

Well I have to say that if it sounds anything like her newest track leak Tell Me A Lie, I am 100% on board. Other songs that have leaked and hit the net have failed to impress not only a Clarkson fan like myself but her record label as well. Her track Wash, Rinse and Repeat is sure to be axed from the final track list as the label stated it wasn’t their favorite. Give a listen to the track and let us know what you think.

Pretty normal Kelly Clarkson track that you’d expect from the southern bell. However, I’ve been reading that she has been listening to a lot of Adele and Lykkie Li. Will we be seeing some of that influence in the new album? I can’t wait to find out… in September when it’s released. Oh boy. That’s a long wait.

  • Airec

    It’s good, nothing spectacular. I am expecting great things from Clarkson!