Kelly Clarkson Shows Us The ‘Meaning Of Life’ On Soulful Ballad

Kelly Clarkson drops her eighth studio album, Meaning Of Life, next week on October 27. It’s the first with her new label, Atlantic Records, after successfully completing her American Idol recording contract with RCA Records. The 35-year-old singer calls her LP “a singer’s record” that was inspired by the likes of Annie Lennox, Prince, TLC, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and En Vogue.

Ahead of its release, Kelly shares the title track, “Meaning Of Life.” It’s a soulful pop ballad where she sings about finding the light at the end of a dark time. “When you hold me, I finally see / When you say love, I know what it means / I was broke down so alone in the dark / Until you showed me the light,” Clarkson sings on the chorus. Give the euphoric track a listen below.

“‘Meaning of Life’ is the song that started this entire project,” Clarkson said. “The vibe, soul and message of this song was very critical to show other writers and producers of the new direction we were taking.”

Kelly Clarkson ‘Meaning Of Life’