Kelly Clarkson Debuts ‘Meaning Of Life’ Music Video

Meaning Of Life is the album she’s always wanted to make. Unfortunately for Kelly Clarkson, it hasn’t actually performed like her previous efforts or spawned a single hit. Maybe her latest official single will give the LP some momentum.

As a gift to all the mothers out there, the 36-year-old OG American Idol debuted the music video for the powerful soul-pop title track. Kelly Clarkson emotes the heck out of the song as she sings about a past heartbreak in a dimly-lit mansion. The clip concludes when a golden light appears as her real-life children arrive. Truly, the meaning of life on Mother’s Day.

Watch the clip below. As an aside, doesn’t Kelly look fantastic? I’ll take her at any weight she is, but damn… girlfriend is slimming down. Baby weight begone!!!

Kelly Clarkson ‘Meaning Of Life’ Music Video