Which American Idol Winner Is Joining “The Voice”?

X Factor” sorta underwhelmed. “American Idol” doesn’t seem to be generating nearly as much buzz this year as compared to previous seasons. It would seem the timing is right for NBC’s singing competition to take over as the number one show in the reality television genre. The inaugural season not only impressed critics but viewers as well. The show posted some pretty impressive numbers even while Idol was airing. And with “The Voice’ssecond season premiering after the Super Bowl, it’ll receive a very healthy sampling.

The show is definitely heading into its sophomore season with some serious momentum. That said, the show really needs to discover a musical talent that can sell records and produce Billboard hits. No offense Season 1 winner Javier Colon. It’s kinda silly that Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera were the ones who scored a radio hit, “Moves Like Jagger“, from their exposure on the show and not any of the contestants. Maybe that’s the reason why an American Idol winner is jumping ship and joining “The Voice” for the second season. Find out who below.

It’s none other than the OG (original) American Idol herself, Miss Kelly Clarkson. The “Stronger” singer has been tapped by Blake Shelton to join him during the battle rounds to mentor his singers. She won’t be the only one helping Shelton either. The country singer’s wife, Miranda Lambert is also on deck to support his team.

“The thing I love about The Voice is that they’re more mentors — they’re not judges,” Clarkson said during an interview last September. “I would never really want to be a judge, just because I don’t want to break people’s hearts.”

I was already excited for “The Voice” to return, but with Kelly Clarkson taking part, consider me sold. American Idol who? Last year, the FOX show prevented crashing and burning after Simon Cowell left by adding Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to the judging panel. With nothing new to pique casual viewers to the show this year and the oversaturation of singing talent shows on the air, I predict Idol will experience it’s biggest decline to date this coming season. I can definitely see “The Voice” being top dawg. Take that Randy Jackson. What do you think? Sound off below.

  • Rich

    The Voice: Where fat pop stars go to die.

  • ADAM

    i love me some kelly ! @rich at least those fat gurls can sing without autotune like most of the pop skinny buitches !

  • Anthony

    Rich! That was totally uncalled for with regards to Kelly!

    Xtina, however, I’m on board with.

  • Manuel

    @Rich You should look up the word “fat” on the dictionary, Christina and Kelly still look like supermodels next to the average American woman. They are SINGERS after all, and the best ones at that; you wish you favorite pop stars were half as talented as these girls.

  • D

    Everybody makes a big deal about The Voice as if its the best show ever….however, the singers last season havent seen hardly any success. Idol raked in way more viewers than the voice as well. The Voice doesnt have a chance against Idol this year.