Kelly Clarkson & Jennifer Hudson Belt Out ‘O Holy Night’

Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson joining forces on a duet. It’s my Christmas wish come true. Did it live up to my lofty expectations?

Keeping it real, it didn’t quite live up. Maybe I expected too much since I love both ladies tremendously. It just never felt right, nor did I think they ever really connected. I even felt J-Hud held back a tad. I was hoping the two divas would deliver soaring run after run as they headed toward a resounding finish. Alas, it never happened.

With all that being said, a mediocre duet from these ladies is still fine with me. They should really consider hitting the recording studio to deliver a proper single. Don’t you think they’d deliver the most epic anthemic ballad ever?

Check out their “O Holy Night” rendition below and weigh in afterward.

Kelly Clarkson and JHUD Take The Voice to Church with “O Holy Night”

  • TK

    Kelly was sick so JHud had to both carry and not overshadow her, Kelly get well soon!