Kelly Clarkson Reveals Why She Chose ‘The Voice’ Over ‘American Idol’

After some time off, Kelly Clarkson returned with a bang this week by sharing two tracks off her forthcoming eighth studio album, Meaning of Life. As a diehard fan, I found both “Love So Soft” and “Move You” fantastic. If you haven’t checked them out, give them a spin. There’s an uptempo number and ballad to suit your mood.

In addition to dropping new music, the 35-year-old singer also graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Music Preview issue. Naturally, she used the opportunity to hype up her new LP out October 27. Kelly also discussed her much-discussed decision to pick The Voice over American Idol. She’ll sit in one of the red swivel chairs for The Voice Season 14, instead of behind the panel for ABC’s much too early reboot of Idol.

On Why She Chose The Voice Over American Idol

“I want it to be a great experience for my whole family, and that’s what I have to think about at this point in my life. We’re used to the Voice schedule, we already have to work around it because of our family. We have four children — that can be very taxing with a schedule. It was just a no-brainer for me with The Voice because of that alone. But my thing is, I was kind of bummed too when [Idol] came to me. I hope it’s super successful.”

On If She’d Return To American Idol

“Would it have been awesome to come back to the show that started me and help give someone that start? Yes! But that doesn’t mean I can’t do the same thing on The Voice. That’s my goal. I want to have someone on my team, whether they win or not, to have a successful career after being on the show.”

On How She’s Different From Other Idol Winners

“A lot of people that I know, especially from Idol, don’t necessarily want to be singers or artists; they just want to be famous,” she says. “That is not going to bring you happiness. And a lot of it falls through the cracks because people make decisions based on what they think will make them famous instead of what will be good for them. I don’t really care about being famous. … I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m just me, and if you like that, cool. If you don’t, that’s totally cool too.”

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