Kelly Clarkson Covers Rihanna & Coldplay

Proving she could sing anything and sound great on it, Kelly Clarkson nails a cover of Coldplay and Rihanna’s “Princess of China“. She’s so flawless, perhaps Chris Martin should’ve called her up instead of the “We Found Love” singer. Queen Kelly, actually makes the track sound better than it is. Imagine her flying in the air fighting Martin à la “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” instead of RiRi. Now that’s she’s skinny Kelly again, I’m sure those straps would’ve held 😉

Not even jet lag could bring down Clarkson’s powerful vocals. Early Wednesday morning in London, the original “American Idol” performed an acoustic set for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge series. As usual, the radio station requires the visiting artist to perform a cover of a contemporary song. Given that Kelly’s recent tour involved a covers segment, you’d think she’d do an encore performance of one of those tracks. Not so, for my precious Kelly. Instead she chose Coldplay and Rihanna’s collaboration “Princess of China”. Listen to an audio of Kelly slaying it hardcore below.

If you’re a Kelly fan like myself, you should also check out the acoustic version of her current single, “Dark Side“. It’s also quite good.

Kelly Clarkson – Princess Of China

Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side (Acoustic)

Doesn’t Kelly make the Coldplay track sound better than it is? She, literally could sing the phone book, and make a hit record out of it. Who do you think Kelly should cover next? Sound off below.

  • hamoboy

    Kelly has an AMAZING voice, but she needs to look for material that can match her voice in quality, rather than elevating sub-par Katy Perry cast-offs like most of her recent songs have been. Song choice will determine whether her careers follows Mariah Carey’s longevity, or Christina Aguilera’s recent irrelevance.