Did The Right Celebrity Win Dancing With The Stars Season 16?

Since I recapped the premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 16, I thought I’d bookend the season by quickly discussing the finale. Another reason I wanted to write this post was to publicly pat myself on the back for doing a pretty good job with my pre-season predictions.

With exception to Dorothy Hamill (how was I supposed to know she’d injure herself week two?), I correctly guessed the first five eliminations. In addition, two of Season 16’s finalists were in my predicted Final 3. My track record with DWTS was a million times better than American Idol this season and I don’t even recap the dancing competition. Enough stroking my ego, let’s get to the results.

Going into this week, I was hoping for a Kellie Pickler and Zendaya final two. When Tom Bergeron announced Aly Raisman came in fourth place, I became giddy with excitement. Even though I like Jacoby Jones, there was no way he would sneak into the final two. Just as I thought, Jones was eliminated after the instant dance. Before his elimination, Jessica Sanchez serenaded the audience as a montage clip of the Top 3 played in the background. On a side note: It’s hilarious how Sanchez was able to stretch the chorus from Pitbull’s “From This Moment” to over two minutes with a bunch of runs, wailing and repeating herself.

All season long, I was hoping Zendaya would win. Out of all the Disney brats who’ve appeared on the show, she was the most likeable and least annoying. Plus, I love me some Val Chmerkovskiy. But the second Kellie performed her freestyle dance the previous night, I knew she had it in the bag. Derek Hough irritates me to no end, but he’s a gifted choreography and crafted a sensational routine. While the other finalists went with the train of thought of bigger is better, Hough went the other way and stripped it down. It allowed Kellie to shine.

In the end, Kellie did snatch the mirrorball trophy, giving Hough his record-breaking fourth win. UGH. I was really hoping Val would snag his first one. I’d love for producers to saddle Derek with a Wynonna Judd, Martina Navratilova or Wendy Williams for once. He always gets the talented mid-twenties celebrity. If he gets a more mature woman, it’s Jennifer Grey. Hello, Dirty Dancing?

Did you watch this season of DWTS? Did the right person win? Were you rooting for someone else? Sound off below.

  • Voltz songcuya

    I think Kellie deserved thet mirror ball! I miss your recaps the while season.. And your opinions for each dance.. Then i thought it might just be for that all stars season… Oh well, wi be waiting for next season. I hope Tristan Mcmanus gets a celeb as good as Nicolw Scherzinger or Kellie Pickler. Its time for other pros to get potential winners as partners!!!!!

  • You left out a fairly significant bit of information about the finale, though, in that all of the online votes for contestants (including mine for Zendaya) were thrown out just because the site was down for a short while. Bogus.

    So, whether or not people really wanted Kellie to win the most, I don’t know because potentially millions of online votes were made null + void. I have a serious problem with that.

    Also, as much as I loved Kellie’s freestyle, I can’t give her the nod for an entire season win based on that dance, when I think Zen has been an overall better dancer throughout most of the season w/ a few exceptions.

  • WineandDine

    I was really hoping for a Zen/Val win. Agreed with Fredo about online voting, that’s pretty much how I vote!
    I do have to give it to Kelly for that freestyle, the stunts were divine, but I don’t think they should’ve won.