Kelis Gets “Brave” In New Video

Kelis is back with another video for “Brave“- this one being the fourth single off her latest album, Flesh Tone. This video is quite different to what she did with her previous videos from this album, which include “Acapella”, “Scream”, and “4th of July (Fireworks)”. Instead of all the special effects, colors, and futuristic feel, she went simple. Very, very simple.

All of the videos on this album, including this one, are a collaboration with British photographer John Waddell. He’s a smart guy and definitely knows how to make her look good (not that she doesn’t without him – but she’s just flawless in her vids!) Off hand, I can’t think of another video I’ve seen where it’s so focused on the artist the entire time – without break. The style certainly matches the personal lyrics that come from Kelis on this track: “Had a baby, he’s amazing / He saved me and this time, it’s just us.” It’s a great song, part of a great album. Now, watch the video!

  • Nicky

    Love Kelis, LOVE LOVE LOVE the song, but am a bit meh on the video. She looks gorgeous, but it’s…done before. Examples abound, most notably Sinead ‘O Connor (Nothing Compares) and recently Janelle Monae (Cold War) did the exact same thing. Also, I believe Duffy’s “Warwick Avenue” was also almost entirely one shot. 🙂