TV BackTalk: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Season 6 Premiere

Last night, the premiere episode of the sixth season of one of my guilty pleasures debuted: “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“. Based on this first episode and the previews for the rest of the season, dare I say that this will be the best season yet? It certainly looks that way.

The family is struggling to come together like old times because they’re all currently wrapped up in their own busy lives. Kourtney misses family time, but Kris (their mom-ager) is too busy getting the girls work, Khloe is busy with her new marriage to Lamar, Kim is busy with her new love Kris Humphries, and Rob is busy living off of his sisters. Nice.

In this episode, Kim was really trying to get Khloe to realize how into Kris Humphries she was and that he really was “the one:. Khloe is hesitant to let another of Kim’s boyfriends in, so she makes it clear that she’s keeping the relationship at arms length. When they finally make peace in time for a family dinner that Kris Jenner has arranged, it’s now Kim and Rob that go at it. Rob, claiming he was just joking, tells Kim that she is a snob and thinks she’s too good for her family these days. Kim calls him pathetic and tells him to stop living off of his sisters, after he admits to getting an allowance from Khloe. Zing!

In a preview for the rest of the season, we see the whole family go on tropical vacation (where they filmed the mock music video) and there’s A LOT of drama that goes on – even between Kris Humphries and Rob Kardashian, where Kris demands Rob apologize to him! There is even a clip where Kim says, “I HATE Lamar,” and it sounds like she means it. We also will be seeing more of the Kendall & Kylie, the youngest of the family, as they become young women themselves. Oh, and as for papa Bruce, well he got a haircut. That’s something, right?. In this show, it’s definitely “GIRLS…we run this mother….”

Considering that there is WAY more drama than ever before on this show, I won’t be giving up this guilty pleasure any time soon. I can’t get enough of this family.

Did you watch the premiere? What’d you think? In case you missed it, check out the preview for the rest of the season below.

  • Ro

    I enjoyed it… U didn’t mention the Scott drama… Wtf whatever happened to them fighting over custody.. This show is still so entertaining DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA,