Why Are People Keeping Up With The Kardashians?


I just don’t get it. Yes, I enjoyed watching Khloe (the youngest of the three sisters) on Celebrity Apprentice but I just don’t get the fascination with these women and their hijinks. “Celebrities” like Kim Kardashian annoy me to no end. She road the coattails of her her famous father, Robert Kardashian (OJ Simpson’s lawyer) and Paris Hilton (another one I have issue with) to attain her celeb status, and now her two other sisters are now riding her coattails.

Sunday’s telecast for the fourth season finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” drew a record 4.8 million viewers for E!. It was by far the biggest audience for both the show and the network. With storylines like Kourtney’s pregnancy, Khloe’s marriage to NBA superstar Lamar Odom and Kim’s relationship with Reggie Bush, people came in record droves to watch the reality show.

To put the record straight, I have no problem with people from obscurity becoming famous if they’re talented or interesting to watch. Ergo, my thoughts regarding Kim. She first came to people’s consciousness by partying with Paris Hilton. The two had been longtime friends via their famous fathers. Night after night, the two were seen hitting Los Angeles hot spots but it wasn’t until their respective sex tapes made them infamous. Since then the two have become main fixtures in tabloids and celebrity magazines. In essence, they became famous for their blow job skills.

Sure a lot of my posts talk about reality TV, pop culture and other lighthearted topics but I just don’t get the nationwide fascination with these two. Am I completely missing the boat on this topic? If I am, please enlighten me. Let me just state that I tried watching one episode but couldn’t make myself watch another. I even tried watching Khloe and Kourtney in their spinoff show, but still didn’t get it. So I can honestly say I’ve tried and given them a shot.

  • bruin

    Kim is everyone’s favorite bc she is HOT. she is SWEET as a doll. GREAT BODY. amazing voice. her sex appeal just oozes out like madness. friendly, nice, cute, did I mention HOT? and ARMENIAN. killer boobs. killer ass. killer legs. everything. hot damn!

    (&yet, still no boner)