KD Lang Says Justin Bieber Looks Like A Hot Lesbian

In a recent podcast from RoveOnline, the hilarious show hosted by Australian comedian Rove McManus, three celebrities took part in a segment called “Random Question Hat,” where each of them pull out from a hat, a random question written by a viewer.

The first question was pulled by LL Cool J, who was asked what Satan’s last name was. The second question was pulled by Dexter‘s, Michael C. Hall, who was asked if he ever pees in the shower – (LOL). Finally, the last question was pulled by K.D. Lang. The question she received was, “Justin Bieber: Hot or Not?” She responded by explaining that since the fellow Canadian looks like a lesbian, he’s “hot as sh*t”. LOL. Watch the hilarious response below and find out if “Dexter” pees in the shower as well.