This week, we’re going down (under) on Kayne Lawton, an Australian Rugby League Player for the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL. He started his rugby career in 2008 and his position is hooker. Surprisingly, this guy is only 21 years old! Not surprisingly, he’s already taken part in the elite and delicious Gods of Football photo shoots to show off his goods.

In his past interview for Gods of Football, he revealed that he has a lucky pair of leopard skin underwear, listens to Lady Gaga, and in a personal ad, would describe himself as “fun, sporty and relaxed”. They also asked him how it was to take off all his clothes in front of the camera, to which he replied, “Nerve wracking but towards the end it was good fun! Yep, I would do it again.”

Lawton has an incredible body, but he works at it. He lifts three 145kg reps on the bench press as a regular part of his intense workouts. Certainly, if he decides to quick rugby, he’s got a career in modelling.

I wouldn’t mind a closer insPECtion…how about you?

Holy biceps, Batman!

Hot, hot, hot!

Lawton entertaining a little interview at the beach.

I think rugby players should just play rugby in their underwear. At least the Gods of Football anyway.

And with that, I’m off to the gym…