Now that I’m back from La La Land, I thought it was only fitting to write my first post back about Katy Tiz. Just like her song “Famous” states, everyone wants to f**k someone cuz they’re famous. And if you’ve been to Los Angeles, you’re very well aware that there are a lot of star f**kers there, especially during Oscar weekend 😉

Longtime readers of Homorazzi might remember Tyrell’s Rising Artist Spotlight profile on Tiz a few months ago. Up until now, there’s only been a NSFW video of animals fornicating in the wild as a visual for the track. It’s like watching the National Geographic channel on speed. Thankfully, the British import finally got her act together and released an official music video for her catchy single, “Famous.” If you like Rita Ora’s “How We Do (Party)”, then you’re going to love this. It’s practically a carbon copy. Tiz looks so much like the love child of Ora and Lindsay Lohan, that my friends and I, call her Rita Lohan. Watch the clip below and I guarantee you’ll agree with our comparison. PS. Love the retro video game synth sounds.

Katy Tiz ‘Famous’ Music Video

Rita Ora ‘How We Do (Party)’ Music Video

What do you think of Katy Tiz’s “Famous”? I think it has the potential to be her breakout hit. Be prepared to hear an onslaught of “Famous” on radio in the coming months. Share your thoughts below.