Katy Perry has a big weekend coming up. Her 3D movie Part of Me hits theaters and is sure to draw in some big crowds who want to learn more about her venture into pop superstardom. Personally, I cannot wait to check out the film myself. I remember being highly skeptical about Justin Bieber’s 3D movie documentary but then, left feeling really inspired by the whole film. I’m sure Katy’s film will not disappoint. Unrelated entirely to her film, Katy is getting some more attention after posing in a new set of photos for fashion mag, Vogue Italia.

Ditching her signature style of wavy, long locks and candy colored and studded clothing, Katy dons some very Gaga-like inspired pieces which actually make the popstar look pretty fierce. In sharp angled bob wigs, a really high neck chocker and some great heels, Katy is definitely not afraid to show off another “part of her.” She recently posed as a matador for L’UOMO as well. Maybe Katy’s just really into playing dress up? More of Katy’s photo shoot with Vogua Italia below.