Katy Perry Debuts Moving ‘Unconditionally’ Lyric Vid

After my first listen of Prism, “Unconditionally” was one of the tracks that didn’t leave too much of an impression. What a difference a second listen makes. This is the Katy Perry I was expecting when she promised a more mature sound. The soaring ballad is Perry’s favorite on the album and was inspired by her boyfriend John Mayer, and a recent UNICEF trip to Africa.

“I went to Madagascar and did a UNICEF trip that changed my life and gave me this song. It’s just a simple message about loving someone and accepting them and kind of driving at you don’t have to be so self-conscious, you don’t have to fear, because essentially, everybody has their stuff. Nobody comes stuff-free. Everybody has their things and you’re never going to be perfect, and accepting that and understanding that, especially in a relationship, it makes room for a real, genuine kind of love.” – Katy Perry to EW.com

For the accompanying lyric video, thankfully Katy ditched all those annoying emojis found in her “Roar” lyric clip. Instead, she enlists two models Janell Shirtcliff and Erika Lander to passionately lip sync and emote. The Aya Tanimura-directed black and white visual is effective in its simplicity. Check it out below.

Katy Perry Unconditionally Lyric Video

  • Josh

    The song is great, the model that looks like Leo circa Titanic is even better

  • Benny

    model’s a woman though.

  • I agree with Josh. The model does look like Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Alec

    Erika’s last name is actually “Linder”. Just thought I’d help you out 😀