Katy Perry Goes Unplugged With New Acoustic “The One That Got Away”

Some say this may Katy Perry’s last ditch effort to make her mark by hitting 6, #1 singles from the same album on Billboard. Some say she is re-releasing the track to capitalize on the publicity of her divorce with Russell Brand. I say it’s a beautiful, stripped down version that the song truly deserved.

Today, Katy has released a stripped down, acoustic version of her latest single, The One That Got Away featuring a raw vocal edge from Katy that we rarely see. Accompanied only by guitar and what sounds like a cajon, Katy passionately sings the lyrics to a song that rings some serious meaning into her life at the moment.

Could this version of the track give Katy the push she needs to garner herself six number one singles on Billboard? Who knows. Despite the controversy, I am loving the sound of this track and think you will too. Give it a listen below.

Katy Perry, “The One That Got Away (Acoustic)”

  • Isabelle

    yay I’m so glad she did this, the first time I hear the song is when she did it acoustic on the AMA’s, I love it like this much more without that pop track behind it.