Katy Perry & Germany Love To Entertain You

Ooh la la…or whatever the German version of that exclamation is! Check out this commercial for the German TV channel ProSieben’s “Star Force,” which features Katy Perry performing Teenage Dream in the fiercest of outfits, looking out of this world – literally!

I think she should have totally done something like this for her video and the quality and look of this certainly blows “Califurnia Gurls” Candyland video out of the sky for sure.

Check it out!

  • gay person

    i do love her look in the second costume change…with the red updo…but I kind of hate Katy, for her comments against Lady Gaga that just make her seem jealous of Gaga’s success. Even so, I do love Teenage Dream. And also, love love LOVE her song from her new album Who Am I Living For–hope it’s released as a single.

    She can hate Lady Gaga all she wants but that video goes to show how much she wants to be GAGA.