Christine Baranski & Claire Danes Slap James Corden In Katy Perry Soap Opera

I’m actually quite surprised James Corden hasn’t already used her catalog for an installment of his Late Late Show segment, “The Bold & The Lyrical.” The 38-year-old talk show host previously delved into the musical stylings of Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, but never Katy Perry… until now.

Claire Danes, Jack McBrayer and Christine Baranski joined Corden for the latest episode using song lyrics as soap opera dialogue. Fittingly, like Perry’s career, it all starts with a tube of cherry chapstick and waking up in Vegas. It even includes her latest hit, “Chained To The Rhythm.”

Watch all the drama unfold in the clip below. A threesome, infidelity, bitch slapping… it has it all. Poor James must’ve been sore from all the physical contact. Each and every one of them slapped him across the face.

The Bold & The Lyrical featuring Katy Perry Lyrics