Here Katy, Katy. The “California Gurl” singer gets down on all fours to present her new fragrance, “Purr“. Dressed up in a skintight purple and pink latex catsuit, Katy Kitty Perry channels her inner feline for the print ad. She looks like the love child of Batman and Catwoman in this sexy ensemble. I’m sure it’ll set millions of tails wagging.

While celebrity fragrances are a dime a dozen, it’s always interesting to see what pop stars name their scents. Hopefully the name “Purr” and the cat-inspired photo shoot aren’t an indication of what her scent will smell like. Let’s hope it doesn’t reek of 30-day old kitty litter. To be perfectly honest, I’m not interested what it smells like, but rather what the print ads and commercials will look like. I’m just hoping it isn’t as horrible as her “California Gurls” music video.

Does Katy Perry’s promo for her fragrance “Purr” hit all the right notes with you? Post your comments below.