Yesterday afternoon, a few friends and I hit the movie theater for an afternoon matinee of Katy Perry’s new docu-film “Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D.” Admittedly, I am a fan of the Justin Bieber doc and watch it fairly frequently when I am in need of inspiration. I had seen multiple previews and sneak peek clips from the film to know that I would probably feel the same way about this little flick. From the moment I opened my unique pink and baby blue 3D glasses, I knew we were in for a Katy Perry ride and like a tween-age fan, I was more than ready to see what was in store.

The film kicks off with a bunch of Katy’s fans screaming and crying at the camera about how much Katy and her music has changed their lives, what they mean to her, all underscored by her hit, “Teenage Dream.” We watch as Katy heads underneath the stage to be revealed to the crowd at Staples Center where all of the live concert footage was filmed. Sporting a spinning candy dress, Katy’s fans go absolutely ape the moment she appears on stage. Cue the 3D magic and away we go.

The movie centers a lot around Katy’s formation in the pop star she is now. It takes us back to her traveling Pentecostal Christian upbringing to her days of being signed by a gospel label in Nashville. While many may feel Katy was an overnight nobody turned success story, you’re very mistaken. Katy worked her tail off in LA to get where she is and faced a lot of obstacles along the way. The heartfelt story is narrated by Katy herself along with interview clips from her brother and sister, mom and dad, best friends and management team.

One big highlight was definitely when Katy went to visit her Grandma in Las Vegas. Definitely worth the price of admission just for her comments and demeanor. Oh man, I was laughing very out loud in the theater with the rest of the audience. Her little wit and banter about Katy as a kid is pretty priceless.

Katy didn’t shy away from being open and honest with the cameras. Hitting the road with her on her year-long world tour, it was fascinating to watch how hard Katy worked to try and make her relationship and marriage to Russell Brand work. When things were down and she couldn’t fly home to see him you watched as she became physically and emotionally depressed. Watching the marriage come to an end with the use of news clips and her intimate one-on-one interview with very heartbreaking. I admit, I had to wipe my eyes a few times underneath my trendy 3D specs.

Overall, Katy does one thing best and that’s making people happy. At multiple points in the film, we watch Katy in her meet & greets with fans. She is so great with them and when she invites a few of them on stage with her during the concert, the look of joy on their faces is amazing! I liked Katy Perry before the film but I have to say, I have a new found respect for her. The movie is only in theaters for two more days and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Here is a photo of my friends and I after the film.

Did you see “Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D” this weekend? If so, share you thoughts on the film with us below in the comments section!