Katy Perry’s One of The Boys Turns 5 Years Old

Today, Katy Perry’s One of the Boys turns five. The album was released June 17th, 2008 and if you ignore her 2001 debut as a Christian rock singer, it was her first big break onto the music scene. While I can’t say I’ve always been a huge fan of hers, loving some stuff and hating others, in the last 5 years she has had some remarkable achievements. It’s probably safe to say I’ve underestimated her.

According to Billboard, she is one of only 21 artists to ever have a single debut at number one. She is also in a three-way tie for having 5 consecutive number one hits with Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey (who actually had 5 in a row twice). The only artists with more consecutive number one hits are Whitney Houston, The Beatles, The Bee Gees and The Supremes.

The singer also holds the record for most consecutive weeks in the top ten, clocking in at 69 weeks. Over a full year of Katy Perry in the top ten – that’s insane! Her album Teenage Dream also holds the record for most number one singles with 5 (tied with Michael Jackson’s Thriller.) Honestly I found some of these numbers to be a bit shocking. Maybe it’s just me. Whether she is just a quick fad that caught on strong or a lasting pop mainstay like some of the above-mentioned artists is still to be seen, but there’s no denying Katy Perry has had some pretty impressive accomplishments over the last five years.

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I Kissed a Girl

Peak Position: 1

Hot n Cold

Peak Position: 3

Thinking of You

Peak Position: 29

Waking Up in Vegas

Peak Position: 9

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  • DouggSeven

    Just goes to show you how dead Rock N Roll really is when this idiot can be a success. She was supposed to be a one-hit-wonder and fade into the sunset. It’s sad that these mom approved acts continually sell records. Why? There’s nothing else out there and there’s no movement in music (sorry, Dubstep is not a movement – it’s just stupid and everyone knows it). Meanwhile, the rock stars or today (Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes) aren’t even real rock stars yet the minute they do anything on the edge, they are publicly chastised and put into rehab – stat.

    Fuck you American Idol – fuck you.

  • Millo


    Katy Perry’s success have nothing to do with death of RocknRoll, I’m not her fans but i must say she is a talented songwriter, and people find her music catchy.
    Even if you dislike her, YOU, as a guy who supposedly knows much about music, should know that she isn’t famous out of nothing. And don’t put her in the same league as lindsay and bynes.

  • DouggSeven

    While I don’t know exactly how much solo writing credit she contributes, I do know her music is catchy because of other people that aren’t her.

  • lexie

    DouggSeven what a bitter douche bag u are and obviously not all there to put Katy Perry in the same class as Lohan & Bynes.Katy rocks!