Katy Perry Transforms Into A Mermaid For GHD

Katy Perry is busy getting ready for her Grammy performance next weekend but on the side, she is promoting her latest ad campaign for GHD and their line of haircare products. This time around, the record breaking Billboard singer is endorsing their hair dryer which promises the best results of any other on the market. In the ad, Katy dons a mermaid tail and a light purple, bubble gum like wig blown over the shoulder without a piece out of place. As any mermaid would of course.

The shot was taken by famed photographer David LaChapelle who also helped build the concept of a mystical creature living under a bridge in a metropolis environment – a match made in heaven for Katy. “Dave LaChappelle made the set amazing,” said Perry when discussing the latest campaign still. “It’s as if Lisa Frank had done The Little Mermaid,” she continued in reference to a commercial artist whose work appears on many commercial elementary and pre-school products.

Katy Perry joins a long list of performers at the 2012 Grammys on February 12 including Adele, Coldplay, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj (just to name a few). What do you think of Katy’s newest shot? Sound off below.


  • gogo

    Blow dryers and water don’t mix y’all!

  • Kel A.

    Unless this ad is to promote a hair dryer that magically doesn’t electrocute you when in contact with water; this is one of the stupidest ads ever…..