Is Katy Perry Paying A Tribute To Beyonce or Simply Just Copying Her?

Let’s not get it twisted. Beyonce isn’t the first female musician to go all Marie Antoinette on us with gigantic huge wigs. Plenty of others have previously gone the royal route including Madonna who famously did so during her iconic MTV VMA “Vogue” performance. What has many people’s tongues wagging with Katy Perry’s teaser for her new fragrance is the fact it’s so soon after Beyonce dropped her Mrs. Carter Show world tour promo.

Even more head-scratching is the fact both visuals were directed by Jonas Akerlund. You would think he would’ve come up with a brand new concept for Perry’s “Killer Queen” promos. Check out both clips below, along with side-by-side still comparisons. It seems Akerlund just phoned it in during this assignment. They’re practically identical, except Bey’s is a tad fiercer.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Perfume Teaser

Beyonce O2 Priority TV Ad

  • Tyler

    kopy kat

  • Ty

    Bey’s is way better. She actually looks like she belonged in that era. Katy’s looks like a bad Halloween costume imo

  • mrwoods

    The director should get all the blame. Same thing happened when Christina did her not myself tonight video which was compared to Gaga’s Bad romance frame by frame .. Must be nice to direct one video, make millions, then give it to another artist and double your pay day off the same [email protected]#$ing concept. #lazy

  • Nick

    Katy’s look also copies Gaga’s fame in a way. Look how the cuts are…the direction is very similar. The font usedfor her name, the golden look, all very eerily similar to Gaga’s Fame fragrance look. And I agree, it does knock off of Bey’s promo completely.

  • Rob

    Copying her, like she does to everybody else.

  • JMC

    Well let’s just touch base with reality and history as Donovan mentioned Madonna did all this 20 years ago and she did it a lot better again in 2004.

  • Nacho

    I totally agree with mrwoods, I blame Jonas Akerlund he’s been doing this with all the singers he’s been working, he’s re-using ideas it’s sad.

  • jeremiahsaint

    haha even if it was akerlunds fault no one can deny beyonce looks like a queen in her rightful throne and katy looks hideous

    usually katy is beautiful but this was just cheap and lame
    I wouldn’t go as far as saying she copied beyonce because beyonce herself isn’t original but whatever

    when it comes down to it
    beyonce is a better singer, dancer, and artist

  • Russell

    a lot of the visuals were similar, but the feeling was quite different- more abrupt and threatening in Katy’s, and more direct and regal for Beyonce. Bad timing, but more press for both of them because of it!

  • RadaR

    Yeah but in Katys version it actually made sense to talk about a Queen….Beyonce’s ad had NOTHING to do with her tour… in Katy’s case…KillerQUEEN!

  • Glad that someone pointed that out RadaR …. Katy may not have done hers as well but at least she had a reason to do that theme. Beyonce only did it because of her own personal ego.

  • stranded

    1. Katy’s looks like a halloween costume 1/2 finished, while Beyonce’s looks better stylized the way they modernized it.
    2. they’re both copying Madonna who did the the Marie Antoinette/ French courtesan thing 20 years ago. No bitches, just because you dress like mommy doesn’t mean you’re her.

  • jeremiahsaint

    hahaha @stranded cuz Madonna totally invented dressing up as marie Antoinette right?
    Madonna stans are delusional stating that everything a female pop star does is copied from Madonna
    sorry to burst your bubble honey but Madonna wasn’t fucking original – pop music is redundant and regurgitated – its all a cycle
    Madonna might have been the “first” popular one to showcase these alter egos or these alternate personas but she wasn’t the first one to do it

    I love how pop female acts today cant portray anything that has been used before – but somehow Madonna cant get away with dressing like marie Antoinette and Marilyn Monroe but not get any flack for it

    such hypocrisy

  • Brett

    Amen to Jeremiahsaint!
    Since when did Beyoncé own the rights to portray Marie Antoinette? She doesn’t. Katy and Beyoncé both borrow imagery from Marie Antoinette in their videos…but both are still remarkably different. If Katy was wearing the EXACT same outfit as Beyoncé, then yes, there would be an issue. Why are we making such a big deal about this?

    Also, is anyone else tired of Beyoncé being such an attention hog recently? I’m so tired of hearing how “fierce” she always is. She’s crazy talented and I love her music….I just need a break. Take a break from the spotlight (like Gaga did) so we can appreciate you all the more when you come back!

  • Felipe

    This makes me a total nerd, but my only frustration from this article and the conversation is… They’re not both a Marie Antoinette look. Katy is doing Marie Anotinette and the French. Beyonce is doing Queen Elizabeth the first and the English. Different monarchies in different Countries. Both of their concepts make sense really when you look at history. Marie Antoinette is a French queen who’s most famous for her death. Hence the connection with “killer queen”. And with Beyonce imitating Queen Elizabeth the first, (you can tell by her accessories, the shoulder rings, the scepter, the style of the crown, all old English, and items often stylized with queen Elizabeth the first) Queen Elizabeth was known for being a strong ruler of England, and the British empire spanned the globe under her rule. Hence the connection to a world tour. I think they’re both solid concepts. Maybe wasn’t bright to do two old European monarchs so close together, but what are you going to do at this point. So yeah… Bottom line, Beyonce isn’t doing Marie Antoinette.

  • Ella

    (I F’in LOVE you Felipe. I mean, how can I can argue with logic? Way to go, you sexy nerd – you schooled me on how to stay off the bandwagon. 🙂 haha) They’re both great and if anyone’s at fault, it’s the director. But honestly — NO ONE LOSES. Their names are on everyone’s minds & mouths. The director’s vid of KatyP looking unflattering/ugly when compared to Bey’s & the “Beyhive” overdoing their contempt for KP will taylorSwiftly win Katy Perry the public’s sympathy; Beyonce will still get (probably even more so) press for world tour b/c KP’s own successful status will def not hurt in drawing attn (with the help of her stans) while keeping her hands clean of acting petty for something she is notoriously criticized for (biting). Both talented beautiful bad bitches will be just fine.

  • Susi

    Oh, please. She is paying homage to Freddie Mercury’s song ‘Killer Queen’. Marie Antoinette is mentioned in the song. I think some over zealous Beyonce and Gaga fans are just looking for any reason to hate.