Not too long after the divorce papers were signed between Katy Perry and Russell Brand, a leaked Katy Perry demo has surfaced called “Bullet“. It was actually a song she co-wrote with and for country singer, Jessie James and it was featured on James’ last album, “Wanted“. I loved the album and “Bullet” is actually one of my favorite songs on it. “I’m a bullet and headed straight for your heart,” sings Perry in the chorus. Sidenote: I also had the chance to interview Jessie James when the album was released. I hope she comes out with a new album this year!

Perhaps the twangy song was leaked on purpose as a message to Russell Brand? The first verse goes as follows: “My mama warned me about boys like you. It’s the reason I wear these high heel boots, yeah. And let me give you a little piece of advice, my papa packs heat and he won’t think twice, yeah”. It’s an empowering country/pop song and I highly recommend you listen to it!