Yesterday (Friday), Katy Perry was honored at an event in New York with the title of Billboard Woman of the Year for 2012.

As you can see, Perry looks stunning as she graces the cover of the December issue of Billboard. In an interview with the magazine, Perry explains how she was totally caught off guard by this and how grateful she is. “I’d thought my year was over, that it was time to pass the baton. But I guess I get to hold onto it until the end of the year. It’s truly a lovely compliment.” I think she was a great choice for this honor, considering her record-breaking success coupled with her ability to inspire and remain so down to earth.

At last night’s event, she explained, “I am not a feminist, but I do believe in the strength of women.” She added, “I don’t really like to call myself a role model for my fans. I hope that I am an inspiration for them, especially young women. My mantra, especially for the [‘Part Of Me’] film, was: If you believe in yourself, you can be anything.”

At last night’s event, Carly Rae Jepsen was honored with her previously announced Rising Star Of 2012 honor. Jepsen said the most influential women in her life have been her mother and my stepmother, to whom she dedicated her award.