Katy Perry Will Stop At Nothing To Beat Michael Jackson’s Record

Back in the 1980s, Michael Jackson scored five straight chart-toppers off one album. That feat remained unmatched for almost 25 years. To everyone’s surprise, Katy Perry matched his record this year when she also scored five No. 1s off her “Teenage Dream” album. Not content at tying Michael Jackson’s Billboard record, Katy Perry is pulling out all the stops so she can stand alone in the record books.

When Perry was attempting to match MJ’s record, she added a completely unnecessary rap from Missy Elliott to “T.G.I.F. (Friday Night)” to attract more sales and radio airplay. The stunt yielded results and secured her fifth chart topper. To secure an unprecedented six straight #1 single, she’s employing a tactic Lady Gaga used to sell more than one million records of “Born This Way” during it’s first week of sales.

Perry is slashing the price of “The One That Got Away” to 69 cents in hopes of padding the single’s sales. Will that be enough to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100? It very well might. Currently, the track is at No. 9 with some formidable competition ahead. Rihanna’s “We Found Love” has dominated the top for the past few weeks with LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” waiting on deck to take over.

Do you think Katy Perry’s strategy will bring a record-breaking sixth straight No. 1? Is she cheating or is it simply a brilliant move on her part and her record label. After Gaga’s new album sold for only 99 cents on Amazon’s new online service, Billboard changed it’s rules for their Billboard 200 chart. Now to be eligible on their chart, full albums must be sold at a minimum price of $3.49 for the first four weeks of its initial release.

Billboard also has a set minimum price for digital singles as well- 39 cents for the first three months of release. By those rules, Perry’s sale price is well within the guidelines. So I guess, she’s technically not cheating. Controversy averted and resolved.

  • MrNorthWes

    Keep in mind several artist have lowered prices to boost sales, most recently David Gutta/Usher “Without You”, it’s hardly news.

  • Brian

    Good for her,good for her fans = win/win situation. Hope she does indeed beat the record.Love her!

  • Kevin Lee

    Katy Perry deserves more recognition than she actually did. Teenage Dream has so many singles left that has yet to chart IMO. For instance, Peacock and Hummingbird Heartbeat, only if they are ever released and promoted.

  • Oliver

    “used to sell more than one million records of “Born This Way” during it’s first week of sales.” –> PLEASE it is and not

  • Oliver

    The system deleted my tags. I wanted to say it’s supposed to read ITS and not IT’S.

  • manny

    you might now know, but amazon was the one with the 99 cent deals. It was only the normal version and it was digital download only. it was an investment they made. you should get your facts straight. On the other hand, katy perry does seem desperate for number 1 hits.