Introducing Katy Perry & The PopCats

Forget Josie and the Pussycats. It’s all about Katy & the PopCats. The “Fireworks” singer dons a purple latex superhero-like costume for her latest clip for Popchips. Perry teams up with Lulu “the wheels,” Widget “the brains,” and Bobbles “the muscle” to defeat their enemy FAT CAT, whose evil plan is to feed people unhealthy snacks. The horror.

In the clip, Katy and her feline friends navigate around the city in their Katy van, looking for Fat Cat’s Fatty Snacks factory. Her team infiltrates his lair and encounter trippy laser lights and hanging colorful wigs. Eventually, they are victorious and end up blowing up his factory.

But is this the last we’ll hear from Fat Cat. Don’t think so. His puffy little furry arm emerges from the rubble, suggesting a sequel. I can’t wait 😉 Watch the entire adventure below. Best part is when Katy gets pussy-slapped.

Katy Perry – Katy and The Popcats