Exclusive Interview: Katie Findlay From ‘The Carrie Diaries’

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the crazy awesome Katie Findlay who plays “Maggie Landers” on the new CW series The Carrie Diaries. We’ve actually known of each other for a while now but our paths just always seemed to have missed each other when we tried to get together. Well, we finally put an end to that with this interview, YAY!

For those unaware of what The Carrie Diaries is about it’s basically a prequel show to Sex and the City and follows the story of a teenage Carrie Bradshaw. I have to admit, I’ve only ever seen maybe 1 or 2 episodes of Sex and the City…I know I’m a bad gay but I just never got around to it. I did see the movies though! Any way, onto the interview with our gorgeous guest!

Calan: Thanks so much for taking the time out to chat with us at Homorazzi today! We really appreciate it and I also have to say I am loving the show! It doesn’t feel like your typical CW show usually does with all the fake smoke and studio filming. Maybe it’s because of the whole 80’s thing that it gives it a different feel. Onto the questions now though…

So Katie, when you landed the role of Maggie Landers on The Carrie Diaries what was your first thought and who was the first person you called?

Katie Findlay: When my agents got the call, they tried to each text me one word of the sentence “Katie, you got it!” Of course, everything came in out of order. So once I untangled it, my first call was to give them cheerful hell. My first thought was more of a spastic cross-apartment river dance.

Calan: Describe to our readers what Maggie is like if they haven’t yet watched the show (which they should!).

Katie Findlay: Well thanks! Maggie is a little bit of a highly emotional bull in a china shop. She’s sassy, incorrigible and unconventionally wise. She’s all about ushering herself and her friends into womanhood while maintaining fabulous hair. Unfortunately sometimes her lust for life gets her in trouble, and her twisted wisdom doesn’t always extend to her own problems.

Calan: Do you and your character Maggie have any similarities? are there things she does that you would never do?

Katie Findlay: Maggie is MUCH bolder than I ever was at 17. She’s the flirt I wish I knew how to be, which is fun to play every day. I think our biggest difference lies in how she tosses her heart around. There are certain situations she finds herself in that I logically would avoid like the plague because they scream trouble. Maggie just screams back and leaps in.

Calan: Lezzzbe honest here…you’re “boyfriend” Walt Reynolds (Played by the delicious Brendan Dooling) is the closet gay, isn’t he? The foreshadowing has been pretty obvious and all I want say is that boy is finger licking good…I know you can’t give it all away but it looks like Maggie is going to be stirring up some trouble, any hints?

Katie Findlay: I am 100% relaying all those adjectives to Brendan, I’m sure he would sheepishly appreciate them. In terms of Walt and Mags, all I’ll say is that they’re well intentioned ships in the night. Neither of them quite knows what they want out of love and they’re in each others crossfire. They adore each, but they’ve set themselves up for some messy learning ahead. But they’re a good team and, I like to think, pretty damn adorable.

Calan: Hot cop you get to locked lips with, we want a name…and is he single…

Katie Findlay: Josh Salatin! Oh you would. Josh is a stand up guy and a rockin’ babe. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

Calan: What was your most memorable moment on set so far? I know there must be a million but pick a nice juicy one.

Katie Findlay: Oh lord. We have tons of fun. Ellen Wong (who plays Jill ‘The Mouse’ Thompson) went flying off a diner stool one day in the middle of her entrance. She tried to save it but we were all face down on the counter by the time she got up. And sex scenes in cop cars where you can’t stop laughing because the boom mic guy is half an inch from your head if you look around.

Calan: How great is it shooting on location in New York? Had you ever been before the show?

Katie Findlay: I’d been to NY a couple times before the show. Faux-punk fourteen year old Katie swore to live here after a school trip in the ninth grade . Took me eight years. I’m in love with the city. I live in Brooklyn and it’s like something off my fantasy holo-deck.

Calan: Other than yourself, who would be the most outrageous member of The Carrie Diaries Team?

Katie Findlay: As much as I would love to take credit for “outrageous”, it would be a horrible lie. I’m a little bit of a class clown at best. I would say Freema (Referencing here to Freema Agyeman who plays Larissa Loughlin), but she isn’t so much outrageous either. She’s more a brilliant sparkling fabulous ball of English accented jubilance.

Calan: Was there any rituals you would do while filming? Any quirky “pre-show” warm ups?

Katie Findlay: Not really. I’m a great believer in my morning coffee, both for ritual and for the daily murders it prevents on my part.

Calan: Since the show takes place in the 80’s what was your favourite part of that decade?

Katie Findlay: My enduring life goal of being Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club, my mothers huge hair and the Smiths.

Calan: In your down time what are your favourite things to do?

Katie Findlay: I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of one getting lost on the subway. My pay checks have mostly been going to comics, Theatre, blackmilk.com and movies on my own like an excited ten year old.

Calan: When it comes to acting, what are your aspirations and how far do you want to take it?

Katie Findlay: I want to go as far as it’ll take me. It’s instrumental for me in carving out my purpose and happiness in the world. Right now I’m just learning as much as I can and feeling out where my heart lies in this art/business. If I can end up half as graceful as Marion Cotillard, I’ll consider it a success.

Calan: Do you have any plans to use your voice for any causes with any celebrity that might come along with the show?

Katie Findlay: I’m working on getting involved with the Canadian organization Out in Schools, which is an educational program promoting awareness of homophobia in schools as fostering love, tolerance and understanding.

Calan: What would be your dream roll to play? (aka type of show, character, location) and who would be your dream co-star?

Katie Findlay: I really need be a super hero, a monster or in space. And Benedict Cumberbatch should probably be there because he is outrageously brilliant at his job.

Calan: Are there any other fun projects in the works that we can look forward to seeing you in?

Katie Findlay: I have two movies coming out in the next little while. The Philosophers directed by John Huddles is about a class of kids in an Indonesian international school dealing with the finer points of an atomic apocalypse. Premature, directed by Dan Beers, is like if John Hughes decided to remake American Pie and Groundhog Day in one movie. I’m finishing up some shooting on that this week.

Calan: Since this is a site where Homo’s dish everything, do you have any awesome gay’s in your life? Other than the one that plays your boyfriend on the show…

Katie Findlay: In fact I do! My semi-adopted brother Yogi Omar is genuinely one of the kindest and best forces for good I have ever had the privilege of sharing my life with. Plus he’s my sexy, travel-sized Asian date to events. My gays are some of my dearest and most fun friends for a hundred different reasons. The day I had to tell me parents I was straight was a disappointing day for everyone.

Calan: Well thank you SO MUCH Katie for your time today! We appreciate your time and wish you all the best with The Carrie Diaries and any future endeavours!

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Also you can catch The Carried Diaries Monday nights at 8pm (7pm central) on the CW
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