Kathy Griffin Tells Donald Trump To F*ck Off In Parody Ad

kathy-griffin-donald-trump-adRemember when Michelle Obama declared, “When they go low, we go high,” at the 2016 DNC? How could we forget. Hillary Clinton loves to quote her good friend Michelle any chance she gets.

In true Kathy Griffin fashion though, she takes an opposite approach. When Donald Trump goes low, the 55-year-old comedian goes lower. The result is this amusing expletive-filled video.

Much like the young girls in Clinton’s “Mirrors” campaign ad, Griffin is shown in front of a mirror when she hears Donald’s extremely misogynist comments. Her response to everything he says is telling him to “f— off.” Sometimes there’s no better word than the f-word right?

The clip is a collaboration with comedy duo A Brit and A Yank. It’s not the first time Kathy has gotten political. During the 2012 election, with Cher by her side, the two urged voters not to turn back time with Mitt Romney. Check out her video below which encourages people to declare #ImWithHer on election day.

Kathy Griffin ‘Mirrors’ Trump Parody Ad