A Night With Kathy Griffin

The hilarious ginger D-List Diva, Kathy Griffin was in town this past weekend and Donovan and I got to go check out her stand-up show and meet her in person! She performed and in “Vancouver/Adjacent” slash not real Vancouver, in Richmond at the River Rock Casino. She poked fun at her amazing view of the tugboat and industrial buildings and also joked about how funny it would be if Justin Bieber, who was investigated for assault at a Laser Tag facility in Richmond that very same day, had to go to trial in Richmond. LOL.

It was like over an hour of hilarious gossip as Griffin spilled the beans on a lot of celebrity “situations” she’s been in as well as poking fun of some very recent headlines. From Whitney Houston waving her “crack finger” at her, telling her not to makes jokes about her, to her face off with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View, nothing was off limits. She talked about being banned from The View (and Oprah for that matter) and then being unbanned. She said pretty much, if you have a hit shore or a best selling book, you get unbanned. Also discussed was her love hate relationship with Barbara Walters. Barbara hates her and she loves Barbara. LOL. She also commended Joy Behar & Whoopi Goldberg for walking off set earlier in the week after douche Bill O’Reilly pushed them to their limits.

She made fun of Steven Seagal: Lawman, Sister Wives, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, and other quality trash television shows. She also talked about her boxed wine drinking mother, Maggie who has become such a star on her show, My Life on the D-List.

All in all, the show was absolutely hilarious and I’d definitely go see her again. The tiny lady is packed full of funnies and I love that she’s such an ally in the gay community. Check out her website to find out where she’ll be next and you can enter a contest to meet her too: http://www.kathygriffin.net.

The picture of us above is when Donovan and I went backstage to meet her. Here are some other stills from the evening taken by the River Rock’s photographer Kevin Statham.

Thanks, Kathy!