Kate Winslet went a little Titanic recently. No, I don’t mean that her career hit an iceberg and sunk like a ship. Remember when a younger Kate posed nude on a couch to be drawn by “Jack”? Well, Kate pulled out all her old tricks and posed nude in an ad for the new Lancôme lipstick collection, L’Absolu Nu.

Lying in a white and cream colored room, Kate lies on the floor, talking on the phone draped in a satin sheet. (And might I add, she looks INCREDIBLE). She seductively applies her lipstick and looks right at you with her piercing blue eyes. After a shot of the lipstick on the table, we cut to Kate, lying naked on the floor, looking absolutely flawless. This 35 year old has got it going on.

What do you think? Girl looks good, right?