Get Ready For A Royal Baby Shower, Kate Middleton Is Preggers

Sound the trumpets! This is big news! On the cover of InTouch is the big headline Royal Baby On The Way. It’s true, the beloved Kate Middleton is expecting a baby. But, will it be a new prince or a new princess? No word but according to InTouch, Middleton is about six weeks along. Apparently, William and Kate couldn’t be more relieved. A source for the mag said:

“Since before they even got married, it’s been made clear to William and Kate that having children should be their number-one priority.”

Whoa, nothing like a little pressure to get the chemistry going in the sack. Plans are already heavily underway for the arrival of the new born with three nurseries already under construction. One in Nottingham Cottage where both Will and Kate will be staying, one in their home in Wales and one of course in Kensington Palace. And according to a source, they already have a list of names.

    For A Boy:

  • Edward
  • Philip
  • Michael
    For A Girl:

  • Alice
  • Rose

The source continues to say, “they want something traditional [for the name]. [William is] very much his mother’s son, and he also knows that his father, Prince Charles, would like a granddaughter.” The Royal Family must be overjoyed with the news as I am sure the entire nation. So the question is, will they televise the baby shower?