While not as fantastic as last week’s Kiki Turkey Lurkey mashup, this musical number is pretty awesome in its own right. Kate Hudson is back with her deliciously bitter Cassandra July to show Rachel (Lea Michele) how it’s done. Not only did Cassandra seduce that insanely sexy Brody (Dean Geyer) from Rachel’s hands for a hot steamy session, but now she’s showing Rachel that she reigns supreme on the dance floor as well.

On the upcoming episode of Glee, titled “Swan Song“, Cassandra and Rachel perform “All That Jazz” from the hit musical Chicago. Dressed in their finest black dance attire, the ladies strut and shimmy their butts off while belting out the show-stopping number. As vocally superior Rachel is to Cassandra, I have to give the edge to the NYADA dance teacher. In this battle, the teacher definitely schools the pupil. Check out the jazzy battle below.

Kate Hudson & Lea Michele ‘All That Jazz’ Battle

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Hudson only signed on to appear in eight episodes of Glee’s fourth season. I really hope the episode’s title, “Swan Song“, doesn’t refer to her departure. Cassandra July’s presence has been a welcome addition to the show. It’s nice to have a formidable foe for Rachel. Don’t you think? Are you watching this season? Who do you think won the battle and why? Sound off below.