Wow I had no idea Katerina Graham was so SASSY. For those of you who can’t place it she’s our favorite witch, Bonnie Bennett, from Vampire Diaries. If you keep up with the show she was last scene sucking face with Steven McQueen and I am soooo jealous! When I came across this video I had no idea what to think. It’s not the highest end video by any means but after watching it a few times I had the song stuck in my head. It’s catchy and I love the R&B flavor she’s got in there. I’m digging the Queens she has in the video doing their thing, cause we ALL know how sassy those ladies are!

Kat Graham “Sassy” Music Video

I’m interested to see what surprises come next with this chica, for one I didn’t even know she sang. I do know that she was cast as Ingrid in “Boogie Town,” apparently it’s “a modern day West Side Story for the hip hop generation.” Well we will see about that. I watched the trailer and it actually looks pretty good but IMDB says it has yet to be released although I have found some online places that have it.

Boogie Town Movie Trailer