What do you get when you mix pop duo Karmin with clothing from Coach and stylist Rachel Zoe? You get a music video for the classic Christmas song, “Sleigh Ride“. The “Brokenhearted” hitmakers are all dressed up for winter in fashionable threads from Coach’s 2012 winter collection.

The plaid fringe cape worn by Amy Heidemann in the clip is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t even get me started on Nick Noonan’s wardrobe. I want that tote, the duffel, the cardigan… I want it all. Mind you, anything looks good on that sexy Nick. Too bad he’s engaged (and straight) *wink* All the outfits were put together and accessorized by celebrity stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe.

Pure commercialism pimping aside (which I love) I actually like their rendition of the classic holiday tune, especially the rap interlude. It’s also nice to her Nick sing on a track besides being relegated to keyboard guy. They should really duet more often for future releases. As stylish as Karmin are, the video looks like a Target commercial. Probably not the vibe Coach was looking for. Watch it below and you’ll see what I mean.

Karmin ‘Sleigh Ride’ Music Video

To find out what Amy and Nick are wearing and more importantly how much it costs, head over to Coach.com. What do you think of the music video? Did you get a Target vibe? What’s your favorite Christmas track? Sound off below.