Pop duo Karmin is well on track to make 2012 their year. Before the end of 2011, the two released their first official debut studio single, Crash Your Party which showcased the fact that members Nick Noonan and Amy Heidemann could do more than just a cover in their apartment with a camera. The track caught the attention of many and with the help of Epic Records, landed them a spot performing on SNL alongside Zooey Deschanel on February 11.

Just in time for their television appearance, the duo has released a new, radio-friendly track titled “Broken Hearted“. While the title suggests a melancholy melody, Amy’s vocals are anything but as she sings to a man to not leave her “broken hearted tonight”. My question is, where are Nick’s vocals on the track? Are those his pipes crooning out the harmonies in the chorus?

I am so excited to see more of Karmin this year and cannot wait to check out their first full-length studio album set for release later this year. These two are fresh and are definitely helping define a new genre of music known as swagger-pop. But, is it hard to take fresh-faced Amy seriously during her rhymes and using quirky words like cheerio in their songs? Give a listen to “Broken Hearted” below.

Karmin, “Broken Hearted”

What do you think of the new track? I absolutely love it. It definitely has that Dr. Luke vibe to it which is causing music to climb the charts these days. More importantly, I cannot wait to check out their SNL performance. While newcomer Lana Del Rey may have polarized the audience, I think Karmin will bring the heat and show the nation that these two are more than just YouTube sensations.