Karmin Serves 90s R&B Realness In Acapella Music Video

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was the 90s all over again. Watching Karmin’s latest clip reminds me of all those Hype Williams-directed R&B clips so popular during that decade. If you were alive kicking it then, you know it was all about those colorful vignettes and fish eye perspectives. The real-life couple even busts out some choreography– a first for them.

“We had people around us at the time who tried to steer the Karmin ship a certain way, so it feels good to create something like this where we are at the helm and can really be proud of. The video definitely plays homage to the 90s videos we grew up with and are still inspired by today,” – Amy Heidemann

Karmin definitely hit the nail on the head. This clip is so on point, it could easily blend with any of Destiny’s Child, Missy Elliott or R. Kelly videos from that era. Hopefully the throwback video will help “Acapella” on the charts. So far it’s only peaked at No. 38 on the pop one but hasn’t made a dent on the Billboard Hot 100. Check out the fun visual below. As always, Nick Noonan is as handsome as ever. Dude needs to go shirtless in an upcoming vid. Sex sells honey. Sex sells.

Karmin ‘Acapella’ Music Video

  • André Dias

    LOL this video is so funny in such a subtle way xD

  • Damien

    Agree. Nick Noonan is so fucking hot!

  • czahnie

    new workout playlist! thank you Canadia!!!!!!

  • prettyliesuglytruth

    Nick is the perfect accessory. Amy has a Gwen Stefani thing going on…love it.