For the last few years, one thing we can look forward to just before Christmas kicks into full gear is the highly anticipated chuckle that is the Kardashian Christmas Photo. The Kardashian family was only really introduced to me in the last year and change and last year was my first time checking out the Christmas photo. If you remember, it looked like a scene from a new Adamm’s Family movie. The whole family looked so serious and didn’t crack one single smile. This year is no exception.

Snapped by famed photographer Nick Saglimbeni, the family strike their fiercest pose infront of three, condom shaped archways. The blue hue of the photo and definitely offset by Kris Jenner, the only one in the entire photo not wearing black instead, opting for a sequinned blue dress. Anything for attention, right Kris? Another LOL feature of the photo is Kim Kardashian standing all by her lonesome. Her hands are on her hips as if to say, “72 days of marriage was so hard.”

Overall, the photo doesn’t disappoint and if you’re looking for some serious WTF?!, than this is definitely something to check out. Oh, and did I mention that the photo was also shot in 3D? Why would you need your photo shot in 3D? Only the Kardashians. Check out the photo below.

The photo is just as over the top as the family is. Would you expect anything less?