Kanye West – Bitch, Please!

Kanye West Details MagazineOkay so I thought this might just be the best way to introduce myself on homorazzi and give a little perspective on how I see the world. Get ready for “…bitch please!”

Today’s “…bitch please” is courtesy of that douche bag Kanye West. Seems like he was yapping about how much he’s conquered the music scene and is ready to move on to….FRANCE! “Gay” Par-ee to be exact. He’s thinking about working with Marc Jacobs (who he claims is his ‘idol’), continuing the journey of saint-hood, to develop and market fashion for Louis Vuitton.

Keep in mind, our friend who rocks the ‘frollet’ (a mix between ‘fro’ and ‘mullet’) says that while he’s in love with “the gays”, it’s not like he’s going to a gay bar anytime soon.

…bitch please!

We heart(less) you, but keep your love lock “down-there” out of our clubs. Unless of course, you’re buying the dranks. PS…Word has it that “Paranoid” will be the 3rd single off 808’s and heartbreaks. Thank god. Or is it “Thank Kanye” these days?

The new issue of details, with all the dirty deets on Kan, hit store shelves this week.